There’s no such thing as a paper pattern for the creation of an “imperfetto”. It all starts with cutting a piece of felt, then my creativity takes care of the rest. Also, the combination of colours and prints is extremely spontaneaous: as soon as I receive an order for an “imperfect”, I go with my personal taste and, in the event of specific requests, I endeavour to meet mums and friends’ every need and desire.
I am a Mum myself, so the safety of the little ones the “imperfect” is designed for comes first!
Searching for the right material was therefore of the utmost importance. When purchasing, I almost invariably go to Filomania Biella.
The padding is non-allergenic. The cotton’s got lovely patterns.
The buttons used for the eyes and for any extra personalisation, are stitched with great care and glued with heat for extra safety. The “imperfetto” is stitched entirely by hand (I apologise if it’s not impeccable, but it wouldn’t be called “imperfect”, otherwise!), with the exception of the “large handles” and the backpocket, for which a sewing machine is required to prevent the padding from sticking out.
I am a full-time mum so my “imperfects” are made at night or during Marco’s afternoon nap: they come to life in about three hours.
In regards to maintenance, after several washes, I have come to the conclusion that each “imperfetto” needs a delicate wash, in cold water, with a drop of softener (do not dry clean or warm wash them). By all means cuddle it, but do not crease it: it’s “imperfect” enough as it is!
If you want an “imperfetto” but are after a faultless doll, then do not contact me…I won’t be able to meet your requirements!