Imperfetti means “imperfect.”
Once upon a time there were the “imperfetti”… It was a Friday afternoon in the month of December when an “imperfect” mum forgot to buy a mall gift to take to the the English class the following day…that mum was me, Betty!
I obviously only realized I had forgotten in the evening when I had put Marco to bed! What could I do?
At home I have some materials I use to create Christmas decorations with and so, with some pieces of soft felt, a needle, thread and some buttons I made my first creature: a mix between a teddy bear and a little monster…and that is how Primo, my first “imperfetto” wa born!
The “imperfetti” are travel buddies for children and adults, something similar to a blanket of Linus – they go around with their “owner” and his/her family to discover new places.

Follow the journeys of the Gli Imperfetti di Betty with us!